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OM0ET UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antennas
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OM0ET  |  UltraLight Magnetic Loop antennas

Welcome to my website about a small and compact multiband
QRP UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antennas

Magnetic Loop Antenna is one of the best solution for all HAM's or listeners (SWL's) who don't have an access to the large space for the dipole or a long wire antenna, also for those of you who wants to operate indoors of the house, hotel or from the beach on vacation. This Loop doesn't need any grounding or counterpoise and work properly also from a very low hights. The main advantages of my Magloops are: lightweight body, small size, quick and easy setup and possibility to use this antenna also in an indoor conditions.
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Price: 295€ + shipping

I like to do hiking, or SOTA activities and therefore I needed a multiband, small, lightweight (approx. 1kg) and compact antenna which is easy carryable in a small bag. So I had to began design and made the UltraLight Magnetic Loop which is completely foldable and very easy to assemble to a fully functional antenna shape in just a 2 minutes! This antenna includes also an alluminium adapter to mount it on any standard Camera tripod(isn't included).

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