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OM0ET UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antennas
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EFHW  |  Experimental Multiband Antenna with 49:1 UnUn

I made my first multiband experimental version of the Multiband EFHW antenna with 49:1 UnUn transformer. In this first part I want to show you complete process of made this antenna. In the next, second part I would like to test this antenna in the real outdoor conditions and do measurements with my antenna analyzer Mini1300 and possibly make some QSO's.
We recommend to use a FT240-43 material for lower loss and better efficiency of this antenna!
NOTE: In the EFHW Antenna Calculator were used two different formulas for metre and for feet lenghts. Therefore direct conversion between them doesn't match and they slightly differ. It's due to my experimental research, until I will find which one will be closer to reality during my next tests. To open the Calculator we recommend use the free OpenOffice software which you can download here.

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