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OM0ET UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antennas
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OM0ET  |  UltraLight Magnetic Loop antennas

Hello friends!

My name is Paul and I live in the eastern part of Slovakia in the heart of Europe.

I got the Novice licence on 4th may 2009 and I worked under OM0AKW callsign. Extra licence and the new callsign = OM0ET = I am using from 2nd May 2011.

I have my own YouTube channel about HAMRADIO hobby here and I will appreciate if you will visit and subscribe to my channel ;-)

My working conditions:

TRANSCEIVER HF BASE:  ICOM IC-7610 100W HF SDR transceiver
TRANSCEIVER QRP:   XIEGU X6100 all mode 5-10W HF+6m transceiver
TRANSVERTER 28/144MHz:  ME2HT Pro - HF to VHF transverter

AUDIO PROC.:  UR6QW 8 BAND compressor/noise gate/Echo processor
MICROPHONE:  HEIL Proset 6 with Hc-6 Element and Phase Reversal Ps-6 headset microphone

POWER SUPPLY:  QJE PS30SWII switching power supply unit

ANTENNA 1:  12 element HEX BEAM antenna (made by Waldi SP7IDX) 2 elements per 20M, 17M, 15M, 11M, 10M and 6M band
ANTENNA 2:  EndFed Random Wire multiband antenna for 80 - 10M bands
ANTENNA 3:  5 element VHF and 8 ele. UHF DK7ZB Yagi antenna, approx.7m above the ground
ANTENNA 4:  UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antenna MC-20 - very small portable QRP antenna for 40M - 10M
ROTATOR:  Yeasu G-1000 with its original remote controller unit

Hex Beam antenna is 8 meters above the ground level on the top of my aluminium tower.

(Paul) Pavol Timkovic, OM0ET

e-mail:  hamradioslovakia(@)gmail.com

QRZ.com profile:  https://www.qrz.com/db/OM0ET


city: Vranov nad Toplou
Central Europe

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