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OM0ET UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antennas
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OM0ET  |  UltraLight Magnetic Loop antennas

Hello friends!

My name is Paul and I live in the eastern part of Slovakia in the heart of Europe.

I got the Novice licence on 4th may 2009 and I worked under OM0AKW callsign. Extra licence and the new callsign = OM0ET = I am using from 2nd May 2011.

I have my own YouTube channel about HAMRADIO hobby here and I will appreciate if you will visit and subscribe to my channel ;-)

My working conditions:

TRANSCEIVER HF BASE:  ICOM IC-7610 100W HF SDR transceiver
TRANSCEIVER QRP:   XIEGU X5105 all mode 5W HF+6m transceiver
TRANSVERTER 28/144MHz:  ME2HT Pro - HF to VHF transverter

AUDIO PROC.:  UR6QW 8 BAND compressor/noise gate/Echo processor
MICROPHONE:  HEIL Proset 6 with Hc-6 Element and Phase Reversal Ps-6 headset microphone

POWER SUPPLY:  QJE PS30SWII switching power supply unit

ANTENNA 1:  2 element HEX BEAM antenna (made by Waldi SP7IDX) for 20M, 17M, 15M, 11M, 10M and 6M band
ANTENNA 2:  EndFed Long Wire multiband 45m long antenna for 80 - 10M bands
ANTENNA 3:  Diamond X-300 for 2M and 70CM bands very efficient vertical colinear antenna
ANTENNA 4:  UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antenna v.4 - very small portable QRP antenna for 40M - 11M CB
ROTATOR:  Yeasu G-250 with its original remote controller unit

All antennas are 35 meters (115 feet) above the ground level on the top of my building. About 4m (HEX BEAM) and 2m (VHF/UHF and EndFed wire antenna) above the roof level.


city: Vranov nad Toplou
Central Europe

(Paul) Pavol Timkovic, OM0ET

e-mail:  hamradioslovakia(@)gmail.com

QRZ.com profile:  https://www.qrz.com/db/OM0ET

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